17 December 2017

2018: The Speed of Operational Risk...

As we begin to look into the rear view mirror these last few weeks of 2017 and scan the horizon of 2018, Operational Risks are ever more so present.

Whether you are a leader of a global organization or the sole bread winner of your single parent household, the management of risk is a daily priority.  Even getting enough sleep is a risk to health and well being.

So what are you going to do about 2018 and managing risk in your life? Your company. Your nation. Operational Risk Management is a discipline that can be mastered and those who will excel in the next few years understand what is at stake. Unfortunately, many people and organizations will not have the wisdom, experience or resources to survive the onslaught of new threats and to mitigate existing vulnerabilities.
"Achieving a substantial level of competence and resilience in Operational Risk Management takes decades of experience in seeing the mistakes. Witnessing the tragedy. Feeling the successful outcomes of a solid process for sense making. Using information in ways that we never dreamed about. Turning speed into your greatest ally."
Your ability to thrive in 2018 and beyond will rest with your leadership and the ability to adapt. Yet even beyond this fundamental reality is the continuous discipline to effectively accept more risks. The organizations and those individuals who rise to the 2% or even 1%, took more risks than you did. The question is, why?

Accepting a risk means that you have to think through the real potential outcomes. Both positive and negative. And you have to make the decision to accept each risk action at light speed. Otherwise, it is too late.

This is not a game of spending too much time trying to figure out odds and percentages.  It is a professional decision to act, while not knowing the exact future outcome. What you do know, is the clear result of a positive outcome and even more importantly, you know the result of a negative outcome.

Can you live with either outcome? If the answer is yes, then you should consider yourself a true Operational Risk Professional. Now make the decisions faster, before someone else makes it before you do...

The cyber offensive against ISIS, an acronym for the Islamic State, was a first and included the creation of a unit named Joint Task Force Ares. It focused on destroying or disrupting computer networks used by the militant group to recruit fighters and communicate inside the organization. Such offensive weapons are more commonly associated with U.S. intelligence agencies, but they were brought into the open in 2016... Washington Post by Dan Lamothe

We wish you an abundance of new and rapid Operational Risk decisions in 2018!

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