04 July 2012

July 4th, 2012: U.S. Vets Bring 236 Years of Freedom...

Operational Risk professionals know and understand that on this July 4th, 2012, we celebrate our freedom because of one reason.  Our veterans who serve and those who have served, the United States of America.  In this year, we ask you to do your best to hire a veteran for your business.  They make excellent Operational Risk Management experts and here are the other reasons your company should hire a vet:

  1. Companies Value Veterans' Leadership and Teamwork Skills
  2. Veterans Character Makes Them Good Employees
  3. Veterans are Disciplined, Follow Processes Well and Operate Safely
  4. Companies Seek Veterans' Expertise
  5. Veterans Adapt and Perform Well in Dynamic Environments
  6. Veterans are Effective Employees
  7. Veterans in the Organization are Successful
  8. Veterans are Resilient
  9. Veterans are Loyal to their Organization
  10. Hiring Veterans Carries Public Relations Benefits
  11. Hiring Veterans is the "Right Thing to Do"

Source:  Employing America's Veterans - Perspectives from Businesses

Happy 236th Birthday America!  Hire a Vet this year...


  1. Very meaningful words. Just think what could happen if more companies hired Vets....Happy 4th!

  2. We help military Veterans find companies hiring veterans. We understand why it is valuable to hire a vet because we are one as well.