24 June 2018

SOC: Statement of Truth...

Global transnational organizations who provide 24x7 Business Resilience Intelligence and executive security protective details are on the rise. Corporate personnel who must travel to high risk regions of the globe, realize the requirement for a minimal, yet comprehensive security envelope.

Back at the Business Resilience or "Security Operations Center" (SOC), you will find a team of subject matter experts working in concert, to continuously enhance the Operational Risk Management matrix. One set of analysts are tasked with the media review and real-time intelligence collection from Open Sources. One example could be CNN or even more regional sources such as Alhurra:
Alhurra (Arabic for “The Free One”) is a commercial-free Arabic language satellite television network for the Middle East devoted primarily to news and information. In addition to reporting on regional and international events, the channel broadcasts discussion programs, current affairs magazines and features on a variety of subjects including health and personal fitness, entertainment, sports, fashion, and science and technology. The channel is dedicated to presenting accurate, balanced and comprehensive news. Alhurra endeavors to broaden its viewers' perspectives, enabling them to make more informed decisions.
Another set of analysts are sifting through online intelligence portals such as Opensource.gov or Data.gov . However, when you have a specific executive who is traveling to a specific country, there are more detailed plans and substantial advance work that takes place.

These facets of corporate enterprise risk and operational risk management (ORM) are vital to protect human assets and the ongoing continuity of business operations. Situational awareness enhancement is a 24/7 x 365 day process.

Whether your business takes you to Pakistan, Paris, Toronto or London the risk of bombing, or criminal elements are a real potential threat:
LONDON — An 18-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker was sentenced on Friday to life in prison in Britain after he was convicted of attempted murder in the botched bombing last September of a rush-hour train on the London Underground, which injured 30 people.

Ahmed Hassan was convicted last week after he left the bomb that partially exploded one stop after he had disembarked. The explosion triggered a stampede that injured tens of passengers.
Executive Protection details have been utilizing the compendium of wisdom and research that is found in Gavin De Becker's publication, "Just 2 Seconds" and for good reason:
"Think of every assassination you've ever heard about. For most people, a few of these major ones come to mind: Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Anwar Sadat, John Lennon, Israel’s Prime Minister Rabin, Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto.
From start to finish, all of these attacks — combined — took place in less than one minute. And the hundreds of attacks studied for this book, all of them combined, took place in less than a half-hour. Those thirty minutes, surely the most influential in world history, offer important insights that can help today’s protectors defeat tomorrow’s attackers."
Operational Risk is far more pervasive than just the detection of fraud, mitigating the loss events from internal information theft or the "All Threats, All Hazards" approach to the "Continuity of Business Operations."  It's been said here before and it's worth repeating again this statement of truth:

"Attackers use tools to exploit a vulnerability to create an action on a target that produces an unauthorized result to obtain their objective."

Whether you utilize this statement within the context of your digital domains, physical domains or the vast set of processes within the enterprise, it does not matter.

What does matter, is that those individuals responsible for the survivability and the defensible standard of care of the organization,  "Never Forget"...

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