25 April 2009

Human Factors: Early-Warning System...

Predictive Intelligence And Analytics From 1SecureAudit Provides Transnational Organizations With A Preemptive Human Factors Early-Warning System

According to Managing Director and Chief Risk Officer of 1SecureAudit, Peter L. Higgins, the complexity of today's extended global enterprises requires a new governance lens to view hidden insider risks and to guide management executives to achieving a defensible standard of care.

"Our newest consulting practice accelerates the time line in identifying employee insider risks and potential threats associated with international client transactions," said Higgins. "Ms. Marcia Branco is launching our new client offering with more than a decade of experience identifying the complex connections between human behavior and corporate operational risk responsibility."

Advocating a "People First" approach, Ms. Branco, vice president, practice director of the Predictive Intelligence and Analytics practice, believes corporate personnel; partners and suppliers represent a tremendous asset and simultaneously a significant legal liability to a business. "People are the primary focal point to better understanding and resolving systemic risk problems within the walls of the enterprise and beyond to the extended supply-chain," said Branco.

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners affirms "U.S. organizations lose an estimated seven percent of annual revenues to fraud," and insider negligence is the highest cause of data breaches, reports the Ponemon Institute & PGP Corporation. The complexity and quantity of insider threats is growing at the same time as businesses are facing shrinking budgets and mounting pressures to maintain and grow profits with fewer resources. "How successful has your company been at identifying and swiftly addressing issues, conflicts and preventing malfeasance? Whether originating internally from an employee or contractor or at your extended border of partners, suppliers and clients, predictive intelligence is essential?" asks Higgins.

1SecureAudit provides critical assessments, internal investigations, strategy execution and program development. These proactive governance and advisory services generate positive change to business culture, operations and bottom line.

"Our distinctive 'People First' approach examines your organization's human capital assets to gain unique insights on corporate culture, company issues and the workforce's attitude about management and business initiatives. We convert these human factor data into predictive intelligence to preemptively determine how to best shape current and new corporate strategies. Our clients are able to take advantage of short-lived opportunities, attract and retain employees, partners and customers, demonstrate a more defensible standard of care and promote a trustworthy corporate reputation," stated Branco. "Does your organization consistently adhere to and enforce corporate policies, ethical standards and procedures that value your employees and respond to shareholder advocates?"

Working with 1SecureAudit to integrate predictive intelligence in any business strategy and practices is a sound investment that directly contributes to corporate management's, Board of Directors', and shareholders' peace of mind. For more information, visit 1SecureAudit.com or e-mail RDU (at) 1SecureAudit.com.

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