22 September 2008

Decision Advantage: OPS Risk Intel...

The "Wall Street to Main Street" sound bytes are coming fast and furious on our multiple channels of media. Attacks on the US Embassy in Yemen and the Marriott hotel in Pakistan provide us with the other side of the Operational Risk Management Mosaic. Whether the "financial terrorists" are operating in the shadows of their trading accounts or "Islamic Jihadists" assembling components in the garage of an unknown warehouse, risk management is on their mind. And embedded in their operational trade craft.

OPS Risk Intelligence tells us what you are concerned about, or trying to learn more. If you are reading this you may have landed here on the Internet because you were searching for answers on some facet of Risk Management. These are just a few of the items that caught our eye in the last 24 hours:
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  • security issues 4gw 4th generation warfare ? conflict and completion ? what can we learn from this to management
  • levels of risk, operational versus strategic risk
  • risk management for trucking business
  • hp hewlett packard plant safety risk manager
  • cyber risk insurance questionnaire
  • memento actimize
  • erm for citi bank
  • the economics of risk management
  • strategic operational risk
  • risk management blog
  • "country risk" offshore
  • what risk is associated with spam?
  • ? iso (bs 27001? british standard for information security management, mandated for the nhs in 2001 how to
  • bank audit
  • case study societe generale
  • best practices for seizing electronic evidence
  • risk management convergence
  • telecom operational risk management training
  • risk and human factors
  • how military contingency plans are formulated
  • financial health suppliers risk management
  • bank audit and compliance, risk management

How do I continuously monitor my vulnerability and the likelihood of disaster before I achieve my mission? Hedging the risk on whether a stock will decline in value before a certain date and arriving undetected in a truck with a ton of explosives at a certain time both have several risk factors in common. Stealth is one of them. Therefore, only accurate and timely intelligence gained before the trigger event, can make the difference for the targets survival.

(Reuters) - Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) said on Sunday it would become the fourth largest bank holding company and would be regulated by the Federal Reserve.

Goldman said it would move assets from a number of strategic businesses, including its lending businesses, into an entity called GS Bank USA that would have more than $150 billion in assets.

GS Bank USA would be one of the ten largest banks in the United States, with assets that are fully funded for term and available to funded by the Federal Reserve.

By dispatching suicide bombers to the capital—and particularly to such a high-profile target—the extremists appear to be continuing their bid to force the Pakistani government to halt ongoing military operations in the troubled region, which borders neighboring Afghanistan.

But the bombing, which killed some 57 people—most of them ordinary Pakistanis—is being dubbed as the "9/11 of Pakistan," and is seen by many as a declaration of war on the part of local Taliban. It has also suddenly changed the tone of the government leaders who until recently have been publicly mulling peace deals with the militants.

If you are the target of a takeover by your competitive adversary on the global financial landscape or just another "soft target" hotel or other critical infrastructure, the game remains the same. Gaining intelligence that has been validated from a vetted and trusted source, is what creates a "Decision Advantage."

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