30 May 2008

OPS Risk: Searching for Answers...

When you search on the Internet for "Operational Risk Management" in different search engines, you are destined to get some similar and yet different results. The algorithms utilized to determine who ends up at the top or bottom of that first page of results, depends on the creators perspective and their interpretation of "Relevance".

Let's take a quick test to demo what we mean. Here are the links to search on "Operational Risk Management" from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live and Ask. Compare them and you will witness how the results are different:

Microsoft Live

On this particular day, this blog was the #1 link on Microsoft Live and Ask. #9 link on Google. #2 link on Yahoo. And when you use the engine that utilizes all of these at once, Metacrawler, this Operational Risk Blog is the #1 link.

So What? So why does this matter. What matters to us, is that we cover the topics and questions people are searching for, in the context of "Operational Risk Management". Whether you are in the military, business or government doesn't really matter. Here are a few of the latest items that you have been searching for from six different continents, when you ended up landing at this site:

  • assessing operational risk for telecom phone service
  • operations risk
  • biocode accident records
  • cii operational risk managment
  • challenges faced by fraud investigators 2008
  • branch banking "operational resilience"
  • kyc in credit department abn amro bank of pakistan
  • corporate policy risk management
  • real and potential threat to corporate governance
  • risk records management
  • airport operational "risk management strategy"
  • risk management blog
  • "risk management" scuba audit washington
  • references to voip in iso 17799
  • ops risk
  • operational risk failure lockheed martin
  • different types of audits, pci, patriot act, level of difficulty
  • operational risk management fund of funds
  • basel ii operational readiness checklist
  • "authentication risk"
  • what is operation risk
  • operational risk management human resources
  • operational risk in funds management
  • operational risk data retention
  • operational risk is the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events

In a sea of words, sites and the vast depth of the Internet all we are seeking is relevance. We seek the answer to a question or to add context to an idea or hypothesis. In many cases, we are just curious and want to learn more about Operational Risk.

Sorting through the links for the relevance to your question is getting easier as the subject matter becomes more cohesive and converges. However, the subject of "Operational Risk Management" can mean a very broad thing to a banker and a very precise discipline to a Brigadier General in the US Marine Corps. The object is to have a neutral ground to converge on the "change" factors associated with new threats, vulnerabilities and ways to mitigate these to a level of tolerance for your particular mission.

In the near future this blog will open it's ability for readers to share their comments and stories about Operational Risk Management. We look forward to hearing your first hand accounts about how you are applying the science and the art of OPS Risk in your particular risk environment.

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