03 April 2006

Partnership for Protection...

Are your research and development secrets protected and safe? Do you have a counterintelligence program operating in concert with your own Information Security strategy? Economic Espionage is a growing concern and a top priority at many US-based global organizations. Who do you know personally that can help you and your organization deter, detect, and defend against potential attacks on your intellectual assets?

As the lead counterintelligence agency within the United States Intelligence Community, the FBI has the principal authority to conduct and coordinate counterintelligence investigations and operations within the United States. The FBI is the only federal agency with a mandate to investigate foreign counterintelligence cases within US borders. Specially trained FBI counterintelligence experts monitor and neutralize foreign intelligence operations against the United States and investigate violations of federal laws against espionage, misuse of classified data, and other criminal matters relating to national security issues. The counterintelligence program is also involved in international terrorism threats, weapons of mass destruction threats, and attacks on the nation's critical infrastructures (i.e., communications, banking systems, and transportation systems). Supported by other US agencies as needed, the FBI also conducts espionage investigations anywhere in the world when the subject of the investigation is a US citizen. The FBI's counterintelligence program strives to be predictive and proactive and to maintain a protective umbrella around the nation's critical technology, infrastructure, and information.

Those formulas, algorithms and new break through products in beta testing are vulnerable from a barrage of social engineering and sophisticated attack tools. The employees, suppliers and contractors operating in and around the perimeter of your organization represent the audience for your next tactical awareness program. However, that is only the "tip of the iceberg" when it comes to your complete counterintelligence strategy. How do you keep a consistent and pervasive mechanism in place to ensure that your greatest vulnerabilities and most valuable secrets are safe and secure?

If you ever find yourself having a conversation about the fact that your "source code" is now posted on the Internet or that a new competitor has just emerged with a very similar product as your own, then maybe the denial phase is now over. The reality phase is kicking in and you now understand that you now need a more robust management system for all employees to learn and practice. Something that they can utilize in conjunction with your most valuable suppliers and contractors.

The answer begins with a phone call to your local Community Outreach Coordinator at one of 56 locations. They will be able to help you create the kind of education and program strategy to make sure that your organization is not a target of corporate sabotage or economic espionage.

The rewards that your employees receive go far beyond the workplace and into their local cul-de-sac or apartment complex. Raising peoples awareness about what has happened in the past and could happen in the future, is every leaders responsibility.

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