01 March 2006

The Wild West of the New Millennium...

Rather than engaging in a futile attempt to suppress technology, the music business should try to work with consumers. Murray writes: "The most sustainable solutions include the creation of favorable alternatives to piracy by making legitimate distribution channels more convenient." Bingo! Imagine how much more money the music industry would have made by creating pay-per-song download sites instead of paying lawyers to prosecute downloaders."

These words by Brian H. Murray were the writing on the wall in January 2004 in this article by Jonathan Jackson. Mr. Murray may have predicted the transition by the MPAA and other digital rights advocacy groups to change the industry from one of piracy to one of profits. Introduce Mr. Steve Jobs of Apple, the iPod and iTunes and now you have your 1 billionth download. That's .99 cents X 1,000,000,000.

How could you endorse the use of technology and tools like Weblogs to create new opportunities for your enterprise? Message boards and other chat web sites have been around for a decade making online brand management a necessity for any brand conscious entity. Defending The Brand was the title of Brian Murray's book published in 2004 and it is still a component of any comprehensive risk management strategy.

Managing Intellectual Property Rights and sensitive or proprietary information is a major concern for General Counsel's and Chief Marketing Officers. Making sure that trade secrets and ideas are protected is a priority. And when it comes to employees expressing their opinions about management, the watercooler and local bar has not been enough. When message boards, web sites or blogs post comments on a company or organization they typically are a way for discouraged, disgruntled or maybe even dangerous employees to vent their feelings.

The intersection of Civil Rights, Privacy, Cybercrime and White Collar Crime is creating a buzz. With whistleblowers sending anonymous email, posting to weblogs and a whole new spectrum of enforcement actions, sometimes you have to step back and see the big picture. General Public License, 3.0 and Open Source has created new subjects for debate.

The Operational Risks in your organization are growing at an exponential rate. Cooperation and information sharing is still a road block to progress. The answers are only clear if you can see the beauty in what Mr. Murray's thinking was over two years ago:

"I never cease to be amazed by the bold, clever, and unscrupulous behavior that is so common on the Internet. Through my experience defending brands, I can say with confidence that anything that you thought would never happen online is probably already going on, and anything you think couldn't possibly exist on the Internet is almost certainly there. Though it's an overused cliche, the Internet really is the Wild West of the new millennium."

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