08 February 2006

Four Steps to Wisdom...

If you are reading this weblog you might be interested in what other people were searching for before they arrived here. The statistics can provide us with a few observations:

Search Engine: search.yahoo.com
Search Words: operational risk crisis management
Lagos, Nigeria Africa

Wikipedia Search: Operational Risk
ABN*AMRO Services Co
Chicago, IL USA

Search Engine: google.com
Search Words "world health organization" 27001 17799 iso
Bern, Switzerland Europe

Search Engine: search.yahoo.com
Search Words: risk management and hostile work environment and dangerous posts
London, United Kingdom

Search Engine: hk.search.yahoo.com
Search Words: pr and marketing program for tackling avian flu
Hong Kong, Asia

Search Engine: google.com
Search Words: coso orm
Hoofddorp, Netherlands Europe

Search Engine: it.search.yahoo.com
Search Words: managing operational risk
Belgrade, Serbia Europe

Search Engine: search.yahoo.com
Search Words: operational risk management mitigation definition
SunTrust Service Corporation
Atlanta, GA USA

It's obvious that Operational Risk is a global issue and becoming more of a refined discipline. And based upon the country or city on the planet, the queries provide a little relevance or even some insight.

This kind of analysis is not new and happens every day in your company, organization and other interested parties. Selling this data to marketers to provide trend analysis or new innovative ideas has been going on since the birth of the Internet.

What people are searching for is answers, or insight. To make more informed decisions. Some might call this intelligence. Others call it surveillance. Your definition depends on your reason for searching for the data in the first place. The speed of change in the connected economy requires faster answers and greater insight. Whether it is for a research paper, news article, or even threats to your corporate assets.

What the logs and the statistics won't tell you is why. Why is this person searching for this piece of data at this moment? One can only wonder how data mining and sophisticated algorithms make sense out of Petabytes of data. Text, Images, video, voice and more.

Excalibur Web Search is a private label search service for online publishers and other organizations seeking more authoritative and relevant results from the World Wide Web. It's the latest innovation from Convera Corporation, a leader and visionary in enterprise search and categorization.

Excalibur indexes and organizes the Web into millions of distinct categories, delivering professional quality search results tailored to individual needs. These personalized views of Web information - unique to Excalibur - lead to greater insight, new perspectives and more confident decisions in critical areas. Excalibur's exceptional accuracy and authority will ensure Web users locate the information they're seeking, whether it's related to science, technology, law, finance, health, medicine or travel, pop culture and world events.

Four Steps to Wisdom - From "The Monster Under The Bed" by Stan Davis & Jim Botkin


"Each step up in learning requires a new technology platform. The technology platform that will make possible the leap from Information to Knowledge is the blending of computers and telecommunications with human actions. By the time the knowledge phase matures, around a decade from now, billions of people will use computers with no training at all. Can we imagine the technology platform that will enable us to take the final step to wisdom?"

Stan and Jim wrote this book and it was published in 1994. Getting to wisdom is now upon us in managing operational risks.

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