24 December 2005

Enterprise Preparedness: Business Process Management (BPM)

Enterprise Preparedness Organizations are experiencing unprecedented pressure from a number of directions to remain competitive in today's changing economy. The challenges of satisfying profit expectations, meeting customer demands, avoiding litigation, and complying with government regulations have created tough conditions for the executives who are managing the business. Besides the pressure to create new markets, manage cost, and generate profits, they must also demonstrate the ability to effectively manage adversity when it occurs. The current stringent regulatory environment coupled with a hypersensitive investment community has made the need to prepare for adverse events a corporate mandate.

Troy Smith's article is correct on many of the fundamentals of Enterprise Preparedness. We would emphasize the need to also have some effective tools for capturing the processes during the important planning phases. One company to consider is Metastorm.

As the first breakaway BPM vendor, Metastorm is a leader in business process management (BPM) software and best practice methodologies for modeling, automating, integrating, and improving both human and system-based processes. Metastorm BPM™ is a complete solution for roundtrip process improvement, designed specifically to address complex processes that are unique to organizations. Metastorm’s 1200+ global client base in manufacturing, retail, financial services, business services, healthcare and government are achieving rapid ROI and Enterprise Process Advantage® in customer service, supply chain operations, risk management, and internal operations.

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