06 November 2005

The Risk of A Blueprint For Action: Hero's Yet Undiscovered...

Tom Barnett's new book was finished on the airplane last night. What an inspiring read and journey it was. And now the journey begins to find the "heroes yet discovered". What the author means is this. Along the path through an uncertain and new worldview, we are going to encounter people who are hero's in the implementation of the bold concepts described in this important book. Mr. Barnett gives us a few descriptions of who to look out for:

The four-star military police general:

Japan's first combat casualty since World war II:

The "Martin Luther King" of Islamic Europe:

The "Serpico" who blows the lid off human rights abuses in the global war on terrorism:

China's "JFK"

India's "Bill Gates":

The first female leader of an Arab state:

His unreasonable ideas that sound at first to be far fetched are by design, to make us think deeper about the impact of globalization and the future. In fact, they are upon us today.

"All things being equal, no one chooses the informal economy over the formal economy. Because the efficiency and security of the latter are undeniably a better deal." Page 262

"In the end, the Gap (non-core countries outside the G-20) is plagued no so much by bad governments as by simply the lack of good ones. Our goal in shrinking the Gap must entail, therefore, increasing the number of good governments there, governments that extend the rule of law, develop the human capital of all citizens (and especially that of young females), and ---most specifically---foster entrepreneurial opportunities by recognizing property rights and expanding contract case law." Page 262

The real risk of "A Blueprint For Action" is that our world leaders don't converge on this remarkable book and discuss it over their next dinner together. If they do, then we will be on our way to a future worth creating.

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