24 August 2005

People: Beyond Travel Risk Management...

When was the last time your corporate travel department gave you some timely INTEL? Maybe you got a report on the current level of risk in the region, city or country you are now scheduled to visit in the next few days. What are you going to do if everything goes South in a matter of seconds or minutes?

The Mission

In situations that require instinctive response, you have to go beyond the traditional travel management report on what to do and who to call. You have to act and make decisions on your own.

In order to survive, one must be trained on the authoritative, detailed description of the methods by which terrorist organizations, hostile intelligence services, and criminal groups select and target specific individuals. Individuals and a team must learn how they can detect and counter potential threats against them, and their sponsoring organizations to better manage these operational risks.

These threats could include recruitment by a hostile service, kidnapping or assassination by terrorist and criminal elements or espionage by business competitors. Combined with real-time INTEL, you must receive intense, real-time instruction in surveillance detection and counter-surveillance so that you can take appropriate actions.

Combining real-time intelligence with a focused surveillance and threat detection-training program is exactly what savvy corporate executives and Chief Security Officers are looking for from a single source. Personnel threat management is a prudent risk mitigation solution. This combination is one key strategy to mitigate the operational risks associated with key personnel in your organization.

Individuals whose occupations place them at risk may include people with access to valuable proprietary information or holders of high level security clearances, the wealthy and those responsible for their safety.

The Take Away

Combine two parts Threat Detection & Management with one part INTEL and you have the perfect combination to ensure the successful completion of corporate missions across the globe.

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