25 January 2005

Lessons Learned...

What did the US learn about security from the Presidential Elections and the respective conventions in New York and Boston? Michael Smith and Fred Klapetzky remind us of a few of them:

Lesson 1: Preparation Equals Prevention

Lesson 2: Security Saturation makes an Attack more Difficult

Lesson 3: Heightened Awareness makes all the Difference

Lesson 4: Monitoring News Coverage can be Helpful

All of the companies and organizations in these two metro areas should be better prepared than others in the country, right? A recent study (8/2004) by AT&T entitled, "Disaster Planning in the Private Sector: A Post 9/11 Look at the State of Business Continuity in the U.S., surveyed 1000 executives from 10 large metro areas. The survey indicated, surprisingly, that New York and Washington, DC were among those least prepared. In both cities, nearly 25% of companies lacked a plan. According to the survey, even those with BC plans are failing to test or update them on a regular basis. See BC Study

Let's just hope the convention has changed the stats in NYC.

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