17 December 2004

Who is the right choice for the US DHS Secretary?

In the rush to get someone into the job, most high level qualified candidates have already said no and the current US administration is scrambling after the Kerik affair. So who is the best candidate for the next US Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security?

What the country needs is a career CEO. Not a cop, a lawyer or a politician. Think about what this job is all about and you can see that with over 170,000 employees and warring business units over a finite budget it's going to take someone from private sector business who also understands security.

The kind of security that we have been focused on for the past three years is on the physical aspects of homeland security more so than the intelligence side of the equation. And now with the new Intelligence Act signed and sealed, it's about time we hired someone who truly understands the fusion of data, information, and knowledge to gain "wisdom" aspects of the job.

We already have plenty of cops on the streets keeping their eyes and ears open. What we need now is someone who can get all of the DHS business units working in "concert" and more importantly with the DOD. Homeland Defense is gearing up more than you know and Northern Command is now expanding it's reach beyond it's traditional borders.

Our prediction is that someone will emerge from the ranks of the private sector to take on this enourmous task of getting all of the pieces of the "Homeland Security" puzzle put together. Let's also pray that they understand the difference between Phishing and Fishing. In that case, look hard in the financial services sector.

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