23 November 2004

UK: Civil Contingencies Act...

The UK's Civil Contingencies Act is on the door step and David Honor of Continuity Central has the following observations:

No UK organisation can afford to ignore the Civil Contingencies Act. The category one and two organisations which will be directly impacted will receive information, advice and support from the Cabinet Office on how and when to implement measures. Other organisations would be well-advised to do the following:

• Get a copy of the Act and read it
• Assess your current business continuity plan against the Act’s provisions. Does the Act make any difference to the scenarios you have planned for?
• Redevelop the business continuity plan where necessary and re-test it.
• Liaise with your local authority emergency planning department. This is good practice which is listed as one of the BCI’s Ten Key Disciplines of Business Continuity, but now becomes even more important since local authorities will become one of the key sources of local business continuity information and advice.

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