15 September 2004

Risk Mitigation Training in Prep for Ivan

Hey New Orleans, got Hurricane Ivan yet? RMS predicts from $4 to $10B in damages.

Business continuity plans are being exercised. People are evacuating. Now we wait for the storm surge that could put New Orleans under 20 feet of water. What about the cities North who will no doubt be experiencing tornados and other severe weather as Ivan roars across Alabama?

Hopefully the owners of buildings and critical infrastructures have provided their employees and tenants with risk mitigation training. For an example of what WTG Properties in Washington, DC has done on this very topic, see this client case. Teaming up with Operational Risk Management firm, 1SecureAudit, they provided their tenants and staff with the training, tools and resources they needed to survive a catastrophic event.

Let's just hope the owners in New Orleans have done the same to prepare for Ivan.

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