30 September 2004

Operational Risk: People

After stopping by the booth at the ASIS conference in Dallas this week I'm convinced that Bruce McIndoe and his team are on to something great. Mitigating the risk of the loss of key personnel and other corporate assets is a vital priority.

iJet: ® Announces New Global Protection System
Ground-breaking Worldcue® GPS Application Employs Advanced Mapping, Notification, and Intelligence Capabilities to Better Protect Traveling Employees and Fixed Assets

Annapolis, Md - September 27, 2004 - iJET® Travel Risk Management (iJET), the industry leader in delivering real-time intelligence and proactive travel risk management services to multinational corporations and the travel industry, today introduced Worldcue® GPS, an innovative global protection system (GPS) for safeguarding people and assets, wherever they may be around the world. Worldcue® GPS employs advanced mapping, notification, and intelligence capabilities to make planning, monitoring, and crisis response more efficient and effective for those managing global risks.
Combining this capability with a focused surveillance and threat detection training program for employees could be exactly what our less than saavy corporate executives need. Peace of mind and to come home from their next business trip safely is the name of the game. The Threat Detection Program from 1SecureAudit provides a two day hands on course to educate and provide skills on various threats to individual security. These threats could include recruitment by a hostile service, kidnapping or assassination by terrorist and criminal elements or compromise by business competitors. Students are given intense, real-time instruction in surveillance detection and countersurveillance so that they can take appropriate actions.

Individuals whose occupations place them at risk may include people with access to valuable proprietary information or holders of high level security clearances, attorneys, judges, the wealthy and those responsible for their safety. This combination is one key strategy to mitigate the operational risks associated with key personnel in your organization.

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