13 September 2004

Malicious Code: Managed Mail Protection Emerges

When the image contains text you might be vulnerable to a new scam online. This new advertising headline may soon be in vogue, Malicious Code: Managed Mail Protection Emerges.

In a new wave of phishing variants, companies like Citibank are constantly making changes in their systems to adapt to the new online threats from new malicious strategies.

"We continually modify our systems to enhance safeguards for our customers," said a spokesperson for Citibank, a unit of Citigroup Inc., in New York. "It is also important that consumers be aware of these issues and act appropriately."

While individual filtering tools from large vendors have proved largely powerless against the new threat, some security vendors are preparing help in the managed e-mail model as well.

McAfee Inc., of Santa Clara, Calif., will launch a Managed Mail Protection service for small and midsize businesses. The service, which may be extended to large enterprises in the coming months, comprises anti-spam, anti-virus and content filtering. All inbound e-mail goes through McAfee servers before it hits the customer network.

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