17 September 2004

1SecureAudit ORM...

Operational risk management protects and enhances shareholder value. 1SecureAudit enhances shareholder value as a primary benefit of its impact on operational risk management (ORM). Clients utilize baseline knowledge, industry experience and ORM decision support to increase operational mission effectiveness by anticipating threats/hazards and reducing the potential for loss. Change and the speed of change continue to provide a challenging environment for the entire financial and health care services industry.

Some of the key trends include:

1. Innovations in products, technology and distribution channels

2. The effect of globalization and regulatory modernization

3. The convergence of capital markets and the ever evolving pace of competition

The many challenges facing health care and financial institutions today are forcing senior management to address the totality of risks and opportunities in various lines of business and in different markets and regulatory environments. Protection of critical infrastructure assets is a Homeland Security priority.

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