03 August 2004

Recovery Point provides comprehensive, availability end-user hotsite recovery services

Recovery Point

Recovery Point Systems provides comprehensive, availability end-user hotsite recovery services for mission critical, business continuity conscious clients to implement disaster recovery plans including server mirroring, serverhosting, electronic vaulting, workgroup recovery, off-site storage and co-location.

"The replacement facilities on which you stake your organization's ability to survive during a crisis must function smoothly and reliably. We've built redundancy and durability into every critical component of the site so you can rely on our high availability services every day.

* Secure facility with CCTV, access control and 365-day staffing 100 acoustical workspaces with locking storage, expandable to 200
* Owner-occupied site with private parking
* Convenient to major highway, rail and air transportation
* All weather, voice/data 'hitching post' for connectivity to mobile technologies
* Dual diverse fiber feeds via SONET self-healing ring to redundant central offices
* Full UPS support for entire recovery center
* Secure server and telecommunications facilities
* Redundant generator power, ATS and seven-day fuel supply
* Redundant HVAC services
* Full truck loading facilities to support client re-supply during occupancy
* Conference room with satellite TV feed and video-conferencing
* kitchenette, strategy room and six semi-private offices
* UL master building label for lightning protection

Recovery Point Systems is an affiliate of First Federal Corporation, the Baltimore-Washington DC region's leading provider of secure, off-site data storage services for over 20 years. We have the experience, the staff and the resources to meet your recovery requirements in today's complex environment."

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