20 July 2004

Fact Sheet: A Better Prepared America: A Year in Review

DHS | Department of Homeland Security | Fact Sheet: A Better Prepared America: A Year in Review:

Fact Sheet: A Better Prepared America: A Year in Review

“Much like homeland security in general, America’s preparedness requires everyone’s help. That’s why we’ve called you together – to continue building an important partnership – one that will result in an enduring and successful strategy for emergency preparedness across the country.”

– Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge

Today, the Department of Homeland Security, the American Red Cross, the George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute and the Council for Excellence in Government brought together leaders in disaster preparedness, and response and recovery as part of the “Public Preparedness – A National Imperative” Symposium. Working together, leaders identified certain challenges and barriers to citizen preparedness as well as specific recommendations that will support the Department of Homeland Security’s National Strategy for all Hazards Preparedness to be released later this year.

Preparedness is the responsibility of every American. At the Department of Homeland Security, we are hard at work creating and implementing preparedness plans; developing procedures and policies that will guide our actions in the event of a terrorist attack; conducting training and exercises to ensure that our first responders possess a necessary level of preparedness; enhancing partnerships with state and local governments, private sector institutions and other organizations; and funding the purchase of much-needed equipment for first responders, states, cities, and towns. These activities, along with an active American community, contribute to a level of national preparedness that is critical to achieving our goal of a better prepared America."

Some enlightened citizen soldiers have already been busy preparing Americans for a spectrum of incidents. For more information see:
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