03 May 2004

iDEFENSE : Focused Intelligence

iDEFENSE : Power Of Intelligence : Intelligence Modules : Focused Intelligence:

"iDEFENSE Focused Intelligence allows customers to direct iDEFENSE research in order to augment their current cyber and geopolitical threat intelligence capabilities. iDEFENSE maintains a pool of highly-skilled, multi-lingual analysts and sector experts from a variety of government and private sector backgrounds. From threat assessments to country studies to directed research, iDEFENSE is a trusted intelligence partner.

Focused Intelligence allows customers to direct iDEFENSE research in the pursuit of short-term, timely intelligence requirements to meet their immediate needs. With a razor-sharp focus on the cyber and geopolitical threats to our customers' environment and assets, Focused Intelligence serves to expand or augment our customers' capabilities. Past engagements have produced research reports that focus on geopolitical as well as technical threats and customer-directed research that investigates and reports on specific threats to our customers' assets.

No amount of technological resources can replace the security of having experienced cyber-intelligence professionals keeping a watchful eye on your interests on a global scale. From Arabic to Urdu, iDEFENSE Focused Intelligence partnerships are dedicated to providing customers with that level of trusted vigilance.

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