03 May 2004

Disaster Mitigation Checklist for Business Managers

Disaster Mitigation Checklist for Business Managers:

The following are basic guidelines for business managers concerned about the security of their people, plant, property, and equipment.
For more information, please contact the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) at (202) 646-4600.

1. Develop an emergency response policy. Elements include:

_____ An employee and next of kin emergency contact system

_____ An automated emergency information notification system (e.g., Web site, phone, and/or radio)

_____ Development of an emergency policy and procedures manual

_____ Safety orientation for all employees and periodic safety drills

_____ Accessible first aid kits, water, tool kits and other emergency supplies

_____ Make sure that all essential records are backed up and stored in remote locations.

2. Implement basic safeguards for plant, property and equipment:

_____ Periodically review insurance coverage

_____ Periodically review and update fire and gas detectors, extinguishing systems

_____ Develop inventory safeguards

_____ Conduct periodic building and property inspections

_____ Develop access policies and procedures

3. Know your emergency service providers and critical infrastructure service providers:

_____ Law enforcement

_____ Fire

_____ Health Services

_____ Search and Rescue

_____ Other Emergency Services

_____ Utilities

4. Protect your cybersecurity

_____ Change system passwords every six months

_____ Delete obsolete addresses from the corporate network

_____ Implement security policies for hardware, software, and network assets

5. Know your vendors

_____ Due diligence should include security background checks

_____ Vendor contracts should include security requirements and safeguards

6. Recovery and Reconstitution

_____ Implement redundancy for critical systems, preferably at remote locations

_____ Lay aside a reasonable cash reserve

_____ Develop a recovery plan

_____ Know your government resources: Small Business Administration for recovery loans, FEMA for other emergency assistance. "

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