13 May 2004

Digital Sandbox

Digital Sandbox:

Company Overview

Digital Sandbox and its flagship software solution, Site Profiler, deliver the most comprehensive platform for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), enabling real-time threat analysis and operational risk management for government agencies and commercial organizations. Digital Sandbox Technology allows customers to achieve continuity of operations and protection for physical, virtual, information and human assets within and across an enterprise. Digital Sandbox and its risk analytics represent an evolution in risk management solutions, fusing disparate data into risk management models to understand, prevent and ultimately respond to critical operational risks that threaten an organization.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the most powerful, analytic platform for risk management tools available in the market. Our enterprise-class solutions allow our customers to take control of the risks that threaten their enterprise, build accountability, and enable them to justify their risk management actions.


Digital Sandbox is headquartered in Reston, Virginia and was founded in 1998. The company was started with the mission to build and implement the best Enterprise Risk Management software available. Originally funded with friends and family seed money, followed by government funded research and development, Digital Sandbox is now venture-backed and boasts a list of flagship clients. Five years later the company has succeeded in its founding mission leading growth in the emerging category of ERM.


Our clients represent the organizations that are ultimately responsible for the security and protection of physical assets and lives. They are law enforcement, intelligence, national security, public safety organizations, and owners of critical assets and infrastructure who are seeking new ways to fuse information, apply analytics and deploy enterprise-class solutions.


Digital Sandbox offers a fully integrated suite of analytic tools for assessing and managing risk. Our flagship product Site Profiler� offers an entire platform of enterprise risk management software solutions providing customers individual or fully integrated enterprise-wide solutions from software products to integration and training."

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