21 May 2004

Accurint - What we do

About Us: Overview:

What We Do

Accurint is another Seisint innovation that brings data to life. Seisint provides information products that allow organizations to quickly and easily extract valuable knowledge from huge amounts of data. These innovative products are made possible by integrating the Seisint Data Supercomputer ™ technology, tens of billions of data records on individuals and businesses, and patent-pending data linking methods.

Seisint's products are aimed at critical areas such as:
..... •..Debt Recovery
..... •..Due Diligence
..... •..Fraud Detection
..... •..Identity Verification
..... •..Law Enforcement
..... •..Legal Investigations
..... •..Pre-Employment Screening
..... •..Resident Screening
..... •..Data Supercomputing

Seisint Information Policy
With the power and societal benefits that come from the products and services we provide, also comes significant responsibility. Seisint maintains a stringent data use policy that governs the sale and utilization of our products. Beyond being fully compliant with federal and state statutes, we have imposed a higher standard upon ourselves and the customers we serve. By maintaining a greater level of privacy protection than we are legally obligated, we prevent the potential abuse of information."

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