02 March 2004

Advanced Continuity / 1SecureAudit - Emergency Preparedness and Business Crisis Executive Briefing

Advanced Continuity / 1SecureAudit - Emergency Preparedness and Business Crisis Executive Briefing:

Date: Mar 19, 2004

Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Location: Webinar Via Raindance.com
All Times are Eastern US (GMT - 05:00)

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Event Details:
This online webinar is for CxO's and other executive managers who have the ultimate responsibility for activating an emergency response plan in the event of a business crisis for their organization.

The Event ID# and all details will be e-mailed on the morning of the briefing. Copies of the slides will be mailed to all registered attendees after the briefing. Each attendee will also receive a complimentary copy of our Whitepaper entitled:

'Emergency Preparedness & Continuity of the Enterprise'

In addition, each organization who registers will also qualify for a no obligation two week pilot of the Advanced Continuity service 'Floodgate': A Global Notification Solution.

Now that threats to business operations of our vital industry sectors are becoming more prevalent, organizations must plan for every type of business disruption from hardware and communication failures, to natural disasters, to internal or external acts of terrorism. During these times of emergency, where every second counts, Floodgate can play a key role to an organization's communication system, and their crisis management and business continuity plans.

1SecureAudit assists you in the transfer of business management practices to prevent, mitigate, and recover from a disruptive (crisis) event in a manner consistent with your strategic and compliance objectives. The process of mitigating the risk of hazards/threats before they become disasters is similar for both natural and human-caused threats; whether you are dealing with hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados or other acts of conventional or digital terrorism. The real estate finance industry and owners of critical economic infrastructure require rapid screening methods for the evaluation of threats and detailed guidelines for mitigating a spectrum of operational risk.

Webinar Topics include:

1. Crisis Communications
2. Critical Success Factors in Infrastructure Protection
3. Event Profiles and Mitigation Examples to Reduce Losses
4. Regulatory and Compliance Issues

These types of unpredictable emergency disruptions can wreak havoc on any organization, its clients and the public. As a result, business crisis and continuity management has become a high priority as organizations recognize the importance of responding to an unplanned event, so that employees and personnel remain safe, critical business functions continue, and relevant people are fully informed. "

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