03 February 2004

Is Floodgate Right for You?

Welcome to Floodgate: A Global Notification Solution:

A Leader in Notification Delivery

Now that threats to governmental and business operations are becoming more prevalent, organizations must plan for every type of business disruption from hardware and communication failures, to natural disasters, to internal or external acts of terrorism. During these times of emergency, where every second counts, Floodgate can play a key role to an organization's communication system, and their crisis management and business continuity plans. These types of unpredictable emergency disruptions can wreak havoc on any organization, its clients and the public. As a result, business continuity planning has become a high priority as organizations recognize the importance of responding to an unplanned event, so that employees and personnel remain safe, critical business functions continue, and relevant people are fully informed.

A crucial aspect of an effective communication system or a business continuity plan is the strategy for communicating critical information to the right people at the right time. Organizations are continuously seeking solutions that will enable them to engage in coordinated, consistent, and accurate internal and external communications for a wide range of natural and man-made events. Some examples are:

* Military call to active duty and troop mobilization orders
* Unannounced school closing or announced school lockdown due to threat
* Bio-terror and health alerts, and emergency response mobilization
* Hurricane, tornado, and flood warnings
* Power outages and utility service problems
* Virus alerts, network downtime, and service interruptions for employees and/or clients

To successfully communicate with relevant parties during emergency and non-emergency events, organizations need technology solutions, like Floodgate, to enhance their preparedness and contribute to their overall security. This means that a technology solution must provide:

* High-volume communications. Floodgate provides the ability to communicate time-sensitive information quickly and reliably to potentially thousands of affected individuals within minutes.

* Immediate, multi-channeled communications. Floodgate is able to deliver instantaneous and continuous messages without delay to the appropriate audience over multiple communication channels.

* Flexible, cost-effective communications management. Message management and generation must be flexible so that an organization can respond to various types of unplanned and/or planned events. At the same time, the costs of deploying and maintaining the emergency and non-emergency communications must fit into an organization's budget.

* Secure, reliable infrastructure. Floodgate's infrastructure is guaranteed to work when the unexpected events occur, providing security, capacity and auditing required for high-volume, emergency or routine communications."

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