12 January 2004

Welcome to Authentix

Welcome to Authentix: "SOLUTIONS: Risk Analysis

Successful anti-counterfeit and anti-diversion programs are under-pinned by a thorough understanding of the commercial or fiscal issues faced by the client. In many instances this is achieved through our structured Risk Analysis workshop in which we determine the principal weaknesses in our clients supply chain and processes. Where prudent, we supplement this with in-market or Internet surveillance to identify the areas of risk and estimate the extent of illicit trading or brand abuse.

A thorough analysis of risk provides three principal benefits for clients, namely:

It provides an independent, objective assessment of the supply chain
weaknesses that counterfeiters and diverters are most likely to exploit.

It provides an actionable list of improvements that clients can implement themselves.

It provides the foundation for a successful and sustainable security program.

We don't normally advocate endorsement of a particular company. However, if we are going to be serious about the interdiction of sources for terrorist funding then we need to look at the entire supply chain. How can we get more embedded in the risk mitigation of funding sources for terrorism? Talk with Authentix. Tell them 1SecureAudit sent you to find out more about how they might assist your organization. They won't know who we are, but we know who they are.

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