15 January 2004

"Synergistic Security to Protect Life, Property and Data

SecureWorld Expo:

By Paul Byron Pattak
President, The Byron Group, Ltd.

For an organization to fully protect itself, it must focus with equal vigor and the application of resources against threats to life, physical property and information. Protecting any one alone or any two in combination is not enough. It is not just that an attack can come through either physical or information means. IT may be used to cause physical harm, physical means may be used to damage IT resources, and attacking personnel can degrade the capability to protect either physical assets or IT assets. Adversaries will look for any weakness to exploit, and only a full-fledged unified protection and assurance strategy that is synergistic in its scope and effect will truly yield the best results.

I think this about sums up the whole scenario. I met Paul well over a year ago while he was visiting his colleagues at Digital Sandbox. What a refreshing paragraph to read over and over.

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