23 December 2003

And to All, a Good Night...

And to All, a Good Night:

The coming years promise an increase in security planning to support strategic business planning. Will it be a CSO's dream come true or one big nightmare.


WHAT'S KEEPING YOU awake at night these days? Sharing such security concerns with one another is nothing new. And we mostly do it for good reasons: It's one part learning, one part giving back, and one part enlightened self-interest. The idea is that your problems today will likely be my problems tomorrow, especially if we're in the same business sector.

So I think I keep a fairly good handle on what is in front of us as CSOs, but I'm always struck by the insights of my fellow security colleagues when I ask them about their concerns. I hear a lot about balance—or, more specifically, imbalance. I hear about more risk, less resources. More to do, less to do it with. More regulations, higher expectations.... Well, you get the picture.

"The risk landscape is hugely visible, perhaps the highest it has been in my 25 years in the business," says one security exec. Terrorism now dominates the public mind-set and creates the mistaken impression that it is a much greater threat than anything else. We need to strike the right balance between our biggest worries—people and process integrity, workplace violence, fraud, product tampering, counterfeiting—and terrorism.

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