08 November 2003

New Terror Warnings Raised in Mideast, Southeast Asia, US

VOANews.com: "New Terror Warnings Raised in Mideast, Southeast Asia, US

VOA News
08 Nov 2003, 15:54 UTC

The United States has temporarily closed its embassy and diplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia amid new terrorist threats in the Middle East and a warning that al-Qaida terrorists may attempt to blow up nuclear power plants in the United States.

A U.S. statement issued in Riyadh said 'the embassy continues to receive credible information that terrorists in Saudi Arabia have moved from the planning to the operational phase of planned attacks.'

The warning of a threat to U.S. nuclear power plants came from the Department of Homeland Security, which warned that al-Qaida terrorist might try to hijack cargo flights in Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean and crash them into U.S. nuclear plants and other strategic targets. It said the warning was based on a single source, but U.S. officials said they believe the threat is credible enough to justify a new security advisory."

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