11 November 2003

London 'is top terrorist target'

London 'is top terrorist target':
Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 November, 2003, 03:41 GMT

London 'is top terrorist target' - BBC NEWS | UK |
Security has been increased at likely targets such as Heathrow

London is at greater risk of a terrorist attack by Islamic extremists than any major city in the US or Western Europe, a study has found.

The Control Risks Group said the UK's role in the Iraq war and big Muslim population meant there was a 'serious possibility' of a suicide bomb.

Its 2004 RiskMap report on security in 195 countries raised the risk rating for London from 'low' to 'medium'.

The rest of Britain - not seen as a political target - remained 'low' risk.

'London has become the pre-eminent terrorist target in Western Europe,' said research director Jake Stratton.

Previously the Muslim extremist threat had been 'vague, undefined war against the West', he said.

'But in the last year Britain has reinforced its position in the eyes of the Islamic world as the major ally of the US.'

Mr Stratton said that while the US remained at risk from terrorists, there were several targets across the country which reduced the risk to each individual city."

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