12 November 2003

Experts comb web for terror clues

Experts comb web for terror clues:

Cyber investigators are scouring the world wide web for clues on any future suicide bomb attacks, deploying satellites and other high-tech wizardry to hone in on suspicious Web surfing activity.

Intelligence officials had warned some kind of attack would occur in Saudi Arabia before Sunday's suicide bomb blast in Riyadh after finding evidence on anonymous postings on Arabic Web sites and other forms of Internet chatter. The strike killed at least 18 people and wounded 120 others.

'The Internet is a very useful open source for investigators. But as with any unattributable piece of information, tips must be corroborated and verified, and only then can they be added to the overall intelligence mix,' a British cyber investigator told Reuters.

Intelligence experts say they have evidence extremist groups are using the Web and e-mail for a variety of purposes ranging from recruitment and fund-raising to spreading propaganda and scouting out potential targets."

Cyber Intelligence from open sources like the Internet are good for gathering lots of suspects. The investigator still needs to spend countless hours putting the grey matter to work. Only then can you correlate what your algorithms are pointing you to. The most skilled know where to look and how to gain the information needed to validate and verify.

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