19 November 2003

Authentix Creates Unequalled Brand Protection Solutions in Pharmaceuticals

Authentix Creates Unequalled Brand Protection Solutions in Pharmaceuticals:

"Authentix Creates Unequalled Brand Protection Solutions in Pharmaceuticals, Fuels, Agrochemicals and Spirits Industries

DALLAS, Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Isotag Technology Inc. and Biocode Inc. today announced the completion of their merger, to create the leading total solutions provider in brand protection and fiscal recovery worldwide. Under the new name Authentix, the merger brings together comprehensive services and technology for the prevention of product counterfeiting, adulteration and diversion. Authentix, which is already the global leader in fuel authentication, is now positioned to lead the pharmaceuticals, spirits, agrochemicals and government security markets. Isotag's patented molecular marking technology enables in-product and on- packaging authentication, and through its acquisition of Calyx earlier this year, the company also has extensive experience with both overt and covert security inks. The merger expands this portfolio to include the unique abilities of Biocode's patented Marker Pair technology to mark ingestible products such as pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages.

Both companies have extensive experience in managing in-market testing programs for clients to ensure and maintain brand and distribution integrity. The combined resources Isotag and Biocode provides brand owners and governments with a total authentication service including; risk analysis, solutions design, program implementation and remediation."

It's a rare occasion when I post a companies press release. This is a great merger and one that the FDA, Pharmaceutical industry and ICE should be looking at to assist them. You see, these kinds of mergers are going to get us to the core of where the terrorism funding is still coming from. It's a fact that the counterfeiting and piracy of the pharma business is putting money in the hands of crime and terror operators. Companies like Biocode have for years been one of the leaders in helping all concerned parties interdict the flood of bogus drugs into the supply chain. Not only are the people who need the right prescriptions being harmed, the health care industry is paying a huge price for a lack of controls on the supply chain.

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