01 October 2003

OSAC | Package Bomb Delivered to U.S. Company in Colombia

Overseas Security Advisory Council: "Package Bomb Delivered to U.S. Company from Colombia

The following message is from the US Embassy Colombia:

Begin text of wardens message:

Unknown perpetrators recently sent a package bomb to the Bogota offices of a major U.S. company. An alert employee was suspicious of the package and called the Colombian authorities, who responded and determined it was a bomb. The device was deactivated. The Embassy has learned a similar device was also delivered recently to a Colombian hotel. American citizens in Colombia should be alert for any suspicious packages and should know how to respond if one is delivered.

The device delivered to the U.S. company consisted of a Colombian-manufacture fragmentation grenade mounted inside a wooden box. The detonating pin of the grenade was fastened by a string to the roof of the box, so that if a recipient opened the box the pin would be pulled and the grenade's detonation sequence initiated. "

American citizens in Colombia are advised to take the following steps to counter attempts to deliver package or letter bombs: 1. Identify a safe area where all packages and mail can be received and screened before they are brought into the general work area or delivered to individual addressees. 2. Establish procedures for the receipt of packages and mail, to include methods of inspection, checklist of package and letter bomb indicators, and recording identity of couriers. 3. To the extent practical, install video surveillance equipment at reception point for packages and mail. 4. Train employees on indicators of package and letter bombs. 5. If a suspicious letter or package is delivered, immediately notify the Colombian National Police.

BS7799-2:2002 Controls for Section A.7 - Physical and Environmental Security state:

Objective: To prevent unauthorized access, damage and interference to business premises and information.

A.7.1.3 Securing offices, rooms and facilities

Secure areas shall be created in order to protect offices, rooms and facilities with special security requirements.

The selection and design of a secure area should take into account the possibility of damage from fire, flood, explosion, civil unrest, and other froms of natural or man-made disaster.

A.7.2.1 Equipment siting and protection

Equipment shall be sited or protected to reduce the risks from environmental threats and hazards, and opportunities for unauthorized access.

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