18 October 2003

Official: E-Mail Warned of Plan to Hide Items on Planes

ABCNEWS.com : Official: E-Mail Warned of Items on Planes:

Official: E-Mail Warned of Plan to Hide Items on Planes, but Sender Not Considered Threat

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON Oct. 18 The man suspected of hiding box cutters on two airline flights warned the government in an e-mail of his intention to conceal similar suspicious items on six planes and provided dates and locations for the plan, but was not considered a threat, a senior Bush administration official said Saturday.

Federal authorities 'reviewed the correspondence and determined this individual did not pose an imminent threat to national security,' said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

No charges have been announced, the man's identity has not been disclosed by the government and FBI statement said legal proceedings were expected Monday in federal court in Baltimore"

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