27 October 2003

Healthcare merger: What it means to you

Healthcare merger: What it means to you - Oct. 27, 2003: "Healthcare M&A: What it means to you
A wave of mergers in the healthcare industries will have pros and cons for consumers.

October 27, 2003: 4:19 PM EST

By Jeanne Sahadi, CNN/Money senior staff writer

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - They'll be bigger, but will they be better for you?

That's the question for millions of consumers whose managed healthcare providers announced on Monday they will merge with other companies.

Anthem said it was buying WellPoint. Both are major providers of Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans and combined they will create one of the country's largest health insurers.

Meanwhile, UnitedHealth, currently the top U.S. health insurer, said it was buying Mid Atlantic Medical Services.

What does that mean for you? Consider the potential benefits and downsides to each deal."

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