18 September 2003

MediaGuardian.co.uk | Web firms rubbish ministers' email plan

MediaGuardian.co.uk | New media | Web firms rubbish ministers' email plan: "Owen Gibson
Thursday September 18, 2003

Internet giants including Freeserve, AOL and BT have lambasted government plans requiring them to retain every email and web page accessed by their customers for up to a year.

They have warned such a move could lead to chaos and higher prices for customers, and attacked legislation for amounting to snooper's charter out of keeping with consumer rights legislation.

'The government has not satisfied the industry that the data they wish to retain is of use to law enforcement agencies,' said Jessica Hendrie-Liano, who heads up a lobby group for ISP firms.

The government has outlined proposals to force internet service providers to retain logs of every email their customers send and every internet site they visit for up to 12 months.

It believes it is a vital weapon in the fight against online crime and particularly paedophilia, with growing evidence from high profile cases of internet child porn, online fraud and paedophiles using online chat rooms to 'groom' possible victims."

Look for increased prices in the next year from your ISP as they have to lease more expensive real estate and build out additional infrastructure.

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