05 December 2005

Corporate Social Responsibility: An Era for New Leadership...

Here are a few of this mornings top news stories. It seems that Operational Risks have us surrounded and yet many organizations are still in denial that anything will impact them directly. How long will this naivete go on in your company, city, state or country? Maybe it's time for more Corporate Social Responsibility and a renewed focus on training new leaders.

ABC Online - 12 hours ago
The panel that investigated the September 11 terrorist attacks has criticized the Bush administration for not doing enough to prevent further strikes. The 10-member panel is disappointed that nearly 18 months ...

DMasia.com - 3 hours ago
Matan Gillon, a security researcher in Israel, has reportedly discovered a flaw in Internet Explorer (IE) which allows hackers to access personal information through Google Desktop. The problem, Gillon said ...

ABC News - 2 hours ago
Epilson, the 26th tropical storm listed on the wall size map at the National Hurricane Center in Miami Friday, Dec. 2, 2005, has strengthened into a record 14th hurricane in the Atlantic, two days after the hurricane officially ended. ...

ABC News - 14 minutes ago
NAIROBI (Reuters) - A strong earthquake shook East Africa on Monday in the Lake Tanganyika region frightening people from Congo to Kenya but causing little damage, according to initial reports. The US Geological ...

Food Consumer - 16 hours ago
By FC. Officials in Ukraine confirmed on Dec. 3 that several cases of bird flu in both domesticated and wild birds have tested positive for the H5 subtype of bird flu virus in some parts of Crimea, a peninsula that juts out into the Black Sea. ...

Bloomberg - 32 minutes ago
Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) -- A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up outside a shopping mall in the Israeli seaside city of Netanya today, killing five other people and injuring at least 50, police said. The ...

As the finger pointing continues and the documents of the day are debated there is one strategy that has been with us for many years, and many have forgotten. It is called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR is gaining new emphasis around the globe:

Laura Tyson joined the Clinton Administration as an economic adviser in 1993. Here is what she says about a lady named Mary Parker Follet:

One bold management pioneer, who was decades ahead of her time as a lecturer to academics and businessmen in the 1920s and 1930s, put forth lessons that ring particularly true today. Mary Parker Follett's (1869-1933) thoughts on democracy, society and management have inspired business leaders in fits and starts during the 20th century and they deserve to be revisited as we move forward in this century.

Another point that rings particularly true in 2005 is Follett's belief in the important role that businesses play in society. She gave serious attention to what we now call corporate social responsibility, a topic of great interest in today's boardrooms and business schools.

One thing is certain. All of the employees and citizens on the planet want leadership and courage from the ordinary person next door. The citizen soldier who is willing and capable of leading the people around them in the face of a sudden catastrophic crisis. In the midst of an important ethical decision. In the moment of the day, are "Leaders Born, Not Made"? We also agree with Mary Parker Follet and Laura Tyson:

"Leaders can be taught, and should be keen on sharpening their skills as rigorously as a surgeon. In 1933, she put it plainly: managers must realise that they, as professional[s], are assuming grave responsibilities, that they are taking part in one of the large functions of society, a part which, I believe, only trained and disciplined [business people] can hope to take with success.

As the Operational Risks continue to surround our corporate enterprises it's imperative we look at where we are spending our money and deploying our resources. What would happen to our preparedness, readiness and recovery capabilities if we just reallocated 5% of the corporate marketing budget to the risk management budget? If we did, then we might find ourselves with fewer calls to the Court house, State house and the White House.

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